Saturday, January 1, 2011


GOOD REASON TO CELEBRATE!  From left:  John M. Vahey, Alice, Alfred B. Connable
after the debut performance of the Kalamazoo Symphony's Starlight Pops Concerts,
September 11, 1962.  Thus began a decade of offering four Wednesday night pops
concerts every July until 1972.

Vahey was the Ticket Coordinator, and Al Connable was on the Starlight Committee.
On this occasion, Alice was a soloist on the program, performing Gershwin's Rhapsody 
in Blue.  She wore red.  Maestro Gregory Millar conducted with great flair.

The locale was on the upper deck of the Gilmore's Auto Park, on the corner of South
Street and Farmers Alley in downtown Kalamazoo, adjacent to Gilmore Brothers
Department Store.  A custom-built stage was created for the concert.  Table seating
was available, as were chairs and bleachers.  3,000 people came!

More to come on the Starlight Pops Concerts in both Alice's Archives 2 and
Alice's Archives in the months ahead...!