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                      Boardman River, Grand Traverse County, late 1950s.
                      Alice and family friend Stan Weber, avid trout fisherman.

Stan Weber was a good friend of Alice and C.H. who introduced them
to the simple pleasures of trout fishing "up north".  Stan and Kalamazoo
Symphony trumpeter Jim Shumaker owned a log cabin along the banks
of the Boardman River where they hosted weekends of fishing and morel
mushroom hunting.  It was a good chance for Alice and C.H. to take a break
from their high profile life in Kalamazoo.

Stan was an astute businessman and part owner of Lew Hubbard's men's
clothing store on the Mall in downtown Kalamazoo.  He was also an
enthusiastic Kalamazoo Symphony supporter.

Stan was a longtime member of the Kalamazoo Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited.
When he died in 1998, he bequeathed his estate to KVCTU.  A Stanley Weber
Projects Fund was established to help organizations with conservation projects
related to coldwater fisheries.


And now, for your listening and viewing pleasure, here is baritone Dietrich
Fischer-Dieskau and pianist Gerald Moore in a performance of Die Forelle
(The Trout), by Franz Schubert:

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                 Après Ski-- other Up-North adventures for Alice and C.H.,
                 pictured here with Kalamazoo Symphony trumpeter Jim Shumaker,
                 late-1950s, Grand Traverse County.  -Snapshot taken by Stan Weber.                            

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Kalamazoo Symphony Women's Symphony Association Annual Fashion Show
"Sunlight to Starlight"
                                                        (click on photo to enlarge)
                                 Psychedelic and multi-colored is this silk print
                                 with a long tie-back scarf.  Mrs C.H. Mullen
                                 is the model.  (1967)
                                                                  -Gazette photo by Jerry Campbell

The Kalamazoo Women's Symphony Association was formed in 1930 by Symphony
founder Leta Snow to support the KSO through a number of fund-raising and
educational projects.  It is now called the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra League.

                                 April 22, 1968      (click on image to enlarge)

The Women's Symphony annual style show was an excellent fund-raiser for
the KSO, and always sold out.  (This event continues to this day.)  It got its
start in the 1960s and was held every April.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes was Irving Gilmore, owner of Gilmore
Brothers Department Store.  He would support this event by underwriting
many of the costs.  Clothing lines from his store were seen on the catwalk.
One year, Irving arranged to have some fashions sent directly from Paris!

The spotlight was also shared by merchandise from other downtown stores.


                                                (click on image to enlarge)

                   BARBARA WALTERS, noted television personality, will speak
                   on "The World's Most Appealing Women" at the WSA show-brunch.

Luminaries from the entertainment world were featured as commentators.  As
well as Ms. Walters, Alan J. Lerner, Leslie Uggams, Eva Gabor and Rosalind Russell
were among the special guests invited by the WSA over the years to emcee the show.
WSA members, orchestra players such as Georgiana Smith, Grace Field, Alice and
others acted as models.

On Sunday, April 13, 1969, the Kalamazoo Gazette's Staff Writer Margaret Charlton
did a full page article on the upcoming "Sunlight to Starlight" brunch-style show.
The photo montage was by Rick Campbell.

                                                                                   (click on image to enlarge)
         MODELING a black sleeveless knit evening dress is Mrs. L. Lee Stryker.
         Symphony conductor Pierre Hétu is at the piano.

                                                                                        (click on image to enlarge)
IN AFTERNOON WEAR are Mrs. C.H. Mullen, who shows a two-piece silk and worsted
outfit, and Mrs. Jeffrey Weisman, modeling a mint green wool knit dress and matching coat.

                                                             (click on image to enlarge)
MRS. CHARLES MARTELL wears an oatmeal linen ensemble with tangerine
polka-dot blouse.  James Schumaker is on trumpet.

                                                                        (click on image to enlarge)
CASUAL ATTIRE is shown by Mrs. Judson Knapper in an orange bell-bottom
pantsuit; Mrs. Gene C. Bahls in a three-piece striped ensemble, and Mrs. Weimer
K. Hicks in a print golf "short".  Lambert Kroon is on bass.

                                                            (click on image to enlarge)
HOSTESS CULOTTES are worn by Mrs. John M. Jarboe in black and white
print and Mrs. F.W. Sassaman in lime green.  Donald Stevenson is on tympani.

                                                  (click on image to enlarge)
                                      Alice on the catwalk, April 20, 1970.
                                 Photo by Rick Campbell, Kalamazoo Gazette
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