Saturday, March 19, 2011


                                                       I'm a Jay-Jay-J-J-Jayhawk!    (3/6/89)

       The month of March would always bring out the basketball fan in Alice!
       To pay homage to her Alma Mater, here is the University of Kansas Men's
       Basketball Schedule.  Just click on the link:


        Alice and C.H. were Jayhawks at heart, even though they lived in Michigan
        and considered Kalamazoo their home.

        They attended the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the K.U. Class of '39 in '89.


To learn about how Alice and C.H. got from K.U. to Kalamazoo, please visit
the main blog, Alice's Archives:  50 Years of Kalamazoo Symphony Memorabilia.


Saturday, March 5, 2011


              Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra Maestro Yoshimi Takeda 
Celebrates St. Patrick's Day with Alice, 1990s, 
The Park Club, Kalamazoo, Michigan

      This party might just be the March meeting of the Yoshi Yodelers, an admiration 
      society of sorts who would gather regularly to sing Yoshi's praises.  If you would 
      like a more detailed account of their activities, scroll down THIS PAGE to the 
      December 15th, 2010 post entitled:  YOSHI YODELERS CHRISTMAS PARTY.  
      A more complete history of the group can be found there.

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        Once there, you can read articles about Maestro Takeda and his 25 years with 
        The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra.

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        articles right out of Alice's "Miscellaneous" files-- eclectic, off-beat, fun!