Sunday, May 22, 2011


                   Snapshot of C.H. and Kalamazoo Symphony Maestro
                   Pierre Hétu roughing it at Alice and C.H.'s fishing cabin
                   along the banks of the Boardman River, Grand Traverse
                   County, 1970.                    (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Alice and C.H. built "The Cabin" as a weekend getaway from their busy lives in
Kalamazoo.  It's nice to see Pierre sporting a silk polka dot shirt for his visit--
casual attire for this suave Montrealer!

The Cabin was a destination for friends from "downstate" (Kalamazoo).  Alice and
C.H. entertained "up north" style:  Scrabble on the deck, fishing, nature study, naps
on the couch, cookouts, and cocktails at 5 (or whenever).  A relaxing time with much
conviviality was the order of the day.

Alice and C.H. were inspired to build their own cabin when they visited the fishing cabin
belonging to KSO trumpeter Jim Shumaker, and Kalamazoo men's clothier, Stan Weber.
     C.H. contemplates the task at hand, gets the job done beautifully, 1969-70.
     The Cabin, located somewhere off the Supply Road, Grand Traverse County,
     along the banks of the South Branch of the Boardman River. (click on to enlarge)

   Let the entertaining begin!  C.H. and Alice on the deck of The Cabin, early 1970s.

    C.H.'s Reward:  The South Branch of the Boardman River, Grand Traverse County.
Scroll down to read TROUT SEASON, an earlier blog entry.  A snapshot shows Alice
with Stan Weber and their catch of the day, after wading in the Boardman River, in 1959.

Want to learn more about Pierre Hétu and his tenure as Music Director of the Kalamazoo
Symphony?  Click on this link to get to the main blog, ALICE'S ARCHIVES:  50 Years
of Kalamazoo Symphony Memorabilia.

Once there, click on the Title Tab:  1960s-70s/ HETU/ Bienvenue à Kalamazoo.


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